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Playing Chamber Music through JamKazam

Is there a big, depressing hole in your life where playing music with other people used to be?

Maybe you've looked into applications like Zoom or Acapella, and have concluded that, until there's a vaccine, it's just not going to be possible... Well, we're here to tell you that playing music with others in real time is not only not impossible, but that there is a slowly growing community of musicians doing just that, using a platform called JamKazam. Right now there are just a few of us classical musicians out there, but our vision is to someday have a vibrant on-line chamber music community-- reading, rehearsing, refining, and performing together. DC Chamber Musicians has volunteered this space to help DCCM members get JamKazam-capable, but also to enable classical JamKazammers in the larger community to find each other.

Join the directory

If you are already on JamKazam go here to get listed in our JamKazam directory and to learn how to use it to find people to play with. (If you are an ACMP member, it's still worth being listed with us in addition to adding JamKazam to your ACMP profile; our search tool makes it simple to see who is out there, and we are open to all JamKazam-capable classical musicians.)

Use the directory

Already a directory user? Quick directory access

If you are new to JamKazam, use the links below to learn more. Followed in order, they offer a how-to to get you up and running.

DC Chamber Musicians is an alliance of advanced, non-professional adult musicians with a passion for chamber music. DC Chamber Musicians membership offers music education, master classes, public concerts, and more. More information can be found at the website of DCCM's parent organization, DC Concert Orchestra Society.


If this is your first time here, welcome! Feel free to use this comment feature to ask questions and leave constructive observations and suggestions.

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