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Playing Chamber Music through JamKazam

🌟 New - 03/08/2023 🌟

Is there a big, depressing hole in your life where playing music with other people used to be?

Hopefully, not anymore! But that was the situation for many of us when, on August 30, 2020, we went live with these JamKazam help pages and directory, first just to DCCM members, and then about a month later, to chamber musicians worldwide. Although most of us are meeting in person again, for many, JamKazam remains a useful modality that enables us to rehearse at a distance when we need or want to, to save gas or time, or to stay connected with the online community that formed during the pandemic. So… we will not be retiring these pages at this time. (Rumor is that a big JamKazam update is coming, and we’ll see if we’ll still be relevant then.)


We will, though, be retiring our directory! During the pandemic we partnered with Associated Chamber Music Players (ACMP) to support the online playing community, and we made a successful case for building a robust capability to find online players. In September 2022, ACMP introduced a wonderful new website that makes it extremely easy both to indicate which online services you use, and to find people to play with. There is no cost to join ACMP, so if you haven’t already done it, make yourself a profile and get listed in their Players Directory. To access the search by online playing service capability, toggle Advanced Search to on. An added benefit of ACMP membership is access to a discounted JamKazam gold plan. Once you are logged into the ACMP site, you can place your order for a subscription here.

If you are new to JamKazam, use the links below to learn more. Followed in order, they offer a how-to to get you up and running.

DC Chamber Musicians is an alliance of advanced, non-professional adult musicians with a passion for chamber music. DC Chamber Musicians membership offers music education, master classes, public concerts, and more. More information can be found at the website of DCCM's parent organization, DC Concert Orchestra Society.


If this is your first time here, welcome! Feel free to use this comment feature to ask questions and leave constructive observations and suggestions.

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