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CM-MDC Returning Member Information

Thanks for considering sticking with us. If you want to get, or stay, active in casual chamber music we think our recent changes will better meet those needs than our previous Meetup offering. Listed below are the services and benefits we offer members under our newly repackaged CM-MDC program offering.

But first you need to know that after years of membership being free, we are returning to charging modest annual membership dues. Just $13 a year, that’s $1 a month (plus $1 to cover the payment processing fee), and it is fully refundable during your first six months of membership, no questions asked.

Best to take a look at the list below to make sure the fit is right for you, but if you’re ready to (re)join us, here are the necessary steps.

  • Start with our member questionnaire located HERE. WAIT for the thank you page, it will point you to...
  • The place to pay your $13 annual dues.

  • Once everything’s set -- you'll be notified -- we’ll contact you promptly with information on how to access the CM-MDC member services website and get you playing music with others!

    What membership in Classical Musicians of Metro DC offers

  • Membership in a community of hundreds of like-minded musicians.
  • Professional support in putting together your own home-hosted events for casual "parlor play".
  • Access to our free CM-MDC Member Directory, providing the means to contact other members directly, bypassing Meetup Messenger.
  • Complimentary listing in our enhanced deep-dive chamber musician directory – another great way for OTHERS to find you.
  • Opportunities to form longer-term ensembles.
  • - 30 day free trial subscription to our enhanced chamber musician directory.
  • - 20% off annual subscriptions to the enhanced chamber musicians directory -- a great way for YOU to find others.
  • - 16% off our most popular event: structured DCCOS-managed quarterly chamber music open houses – usually 30 musicians. We do it all for you: provide the venue, help select and provide the music, and form the ensembles. Another great way to meet fellow musicians!
  • - 10% off all DCCOS orchestra concerts
  • - 10% off all DCCOS chamber music concerts
  • Under development: an on-line tool that will take the headaches out of scheduling rehearsals, finding the right mix of musicians at a date and time that works for everyone. (delivery estimated in early 2023)
  • Thanks!

    Bob Myers
    Executive Director
    DC Concert Orchestra Society