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Directory Information

JamKazam does not make it easy for classical musicians to find each other! DCCM is pleased to host this member-sponsored directory both to help DCCM members fill the collaborative music void created by the pandemic and in an effort to foster a larger, and longer-term, virtual community for chamber musicians at large.

Using the DCCM JamKazam Classical Musicians Directory

Our directory can now be sorted in two ways. For a simple search, most of the columns allow sorting by clicking on the column header; for more complex searches, use the fields at the top of the screen. The two functionalities can also be used together, for example, you can do a complex search, and then sort the resulting screen using the column headers. We do not currently have the capability to list more than one instrument per directory entry, but JamKazam does, so if, for example, you are looking for a violist, you can take a look at our violinists' profiles there.

JamKazam user names are not unique, and the JamKazam search function does not always return the expected answers. Once you find someone who looks compatible in our directory, you should be able to zero in on them in JamKazam by searching on pieces of their user name, and cross-referencing instrument and geographical location. Once you've found them, you can learn more about them through their JamKazam PROFILE, and contact them through JamKazam's MESSAGE functionality.

Getting listed in the DCCM JamKazam classical musicians directory

Here's how to get listed in the directory:

  • Make sure you are registered as a JamKazam user. Your user name is the name (first name and last name) you supplied back when you first created your account. This is also the name people search on to find you within JamKazam (it is almost certainly not your email address). While you're double-checking this, if you haven't already, edit your profile to accurately reflect who you are, especially all the instruments you play and your skill levels. If this information is correct it will make it easier for people to know when they've found you. If you are not yet up and running on JamKazam, we've created some documentation to help you. Come back here and get listed when you are ready to play.
  • Send an email to with your listing request. IMPORTANT: The subject line of the email needs to include the word JamKazam. The body of the email needs to include your first name, last name and email address. Your email address will not be visible in the directory, but we need it for the next step.
  • A link to an on-line survey form will be sent to you at the email address you provided in the previous step. If you don't see it within a couple of days of your request, check your spam folder (we do have reports of our email looking like spam to some email clients). Fill out the form and submit. You should now be listed in the directory.
  • Reach out and make music!